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A Good Day. Almost.


I woke up with a start and looked at my watch. It was 6AM.


I had to report for work at 8AM and yesterday it took me nearly 3 hours to get there. Continue reading A Good Day. Almost.


Tamasha – In reverse


Boy and Girl were in love with each other.

Boy was a Tamasha artist. Carefree. Imaginative. Dreamer. Movie fan. Bohemian. Director. Storyteller. Girl was corporate types and they both seemed to have found their true calling in life.

One day the boy decided to visit his home in the hills. There he had a wonderful family time with his family — mom, dad, aunt. They talk work and are not at all worried about the direction his life is taking. Or his marriage. Continue reading Tamasha – In reverse

How Bollywood Works



Have you ever wondered how Bollywood works? How do they make money? Who are all the different players in the business? I always have. So I got digging.

First things first. Bollywood is the ultimate insider business. Bhai-bhatijawaad ka ultimate version. Don’t believe me? Check out this Wiki page. Almost every major film star, producer, director is part of these families!! Which is why we see “Star Kids” getting lavish launches – even when some of them are really not upto the mark. (Let us be kind and not take names. Yes. Not even the names you have in mind.)

Continue reading How Bollywood Works

The Return of Dadagiri


Remember that 90s Bollywood movie? Where politicians are evil,the goons roam about in SUVs and the deal making is done by middle men?! The politicians plan to evacuate the Jhuggi to build a hotel there and order goons to create disturbance. And Simple Sunil Shetty, Hairy Akshay Kumar, Angry Sunny Deol and Mawaali Anil Kapoor then stand up and fight the bad guys.

This is sort of what happened with ADHM. Of course there is no Jhuggi to be razed down. But the 90s are back. And so is this story. Is RGV reading?! 🙂 Continue reading The Return of Dadagiri