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Bahubali 3


Mahendra woke up with a start. He had just dreamed of defeating Bhallaldeva and breaking down his giant gold statue. The way the dream unfolded was always different. A pitched battle; Hand to Hand Combat; Victory; The broken statue tumbling down all the way to the end of the world. But one part of his dream always remained the same – the screams of Bhallaldeva as he burned in the pyre prepared by his mother Devasena. Continue reading Bahubali 3


Tamasha – In reverse


Boy and Girl were in love with each other.

Boy was a Tamasha artist. Carefree. Imaginative. Dreamer. Movie fan. Bohemian. Director. Storyteller. Girl was corporate types and they both seemed to have found their true calling in life.

One day the boy decided to visit his home in the hills. There he had a wonderful family time with his family — mom, dad, aunt. They talk work and are not at all worried about the direction his life is taking. Or his marriage. Continue reading Tamasha – In reverse